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The encapsulated oil-soluble semis are the main ingredients in the plant-based capsule.

It is easy to carry and can be used when popped open. Unlike most capsules made from gelatin, our plant-based ingredients do not contain animal protein or fat, so microorganisms are not generated.

It has excellent stability and does not have the smell and health concerns of gelatin. The uniqueness of this is an international sealing technique that transcends both borders and religions. All ingredients are derived from plants; there is no risk of epidemic disease caused by animal ingredients. The content is excluded from contamination of external substances, and it prevents the product from secondary pollutants effectively, which is easier and safer for customers.



Convenient: Easy to carry and pop open to use.

Effective: No excipient is used and there is no interaction with capsule ingredients so that active ingredients are simpler.

Safe: No shattering or deformation under high temperature and low humidity environments. Easy to preserve.

Beautiful: Good transparency. Content can be seen clearly.

Stable: No animal protein and fat to generate microorganisms.

Stable quality without the odd smell from gelatin.

Natural: Pure plants. No risk of human-to-animal diseases such as mad cow disease and FMD, etc. Plant-derived capsules are eco-friendly and sustainable to our environment.   

Unique: First and only in Taiwan. The raw materials transcend and encompass all religions.


We value the importance of environment for human being and strive to sustainable product development. Plant-derived capsule is the delivery of our insistence and value.